Who is Lowell Financial Ltd?

Lowell Financial Ltd is a UK-based provider of debt management and collection services. Founded in 1985, the company provides specialist advice to individuals and businesses on managing and ultimately paying off their debts. Lowell works with creditors, debtors, and other stakeholders to provide a tailored approach to dealing with financial problems.

Will Lowell Financial Ltd come to my home to collect debts?

Will Lowell Financial Ltd come to my home to collect debts? This is a question that many debtors may have if they owe money to this UK-based company. The answer is: it depends, and there are certain circumstances where Lowell Financial Ltd may choose to visit your home to collect a debt.

Lowell Financial Ltd will not visit your home to collect debts. They prefer to work with debtors through other methods, such as telephone calls, emails, and letters. However, in some cases, Lowell Financial Ltd may decide that a home visit is necessary if the debtor has failed to respond to their communication or is considered high-risk.

How will Lowell try and chase me if I choose not to pay?

Lowell Financial Ltd will take various steps to try and get you to pay your debt if you choose not to. One of the first things they may do is send you a letter or an email asking for payment. The letter will likely explain the debt you owe, the terms of repayment, and any penalties that may be incurred if you do not make payments.

Lowell Financial Ltd may contact you by telephone if you do not respond to the letter. They may call during business hours or leave a message on an answering machine. The purpose of the call is to remind you of your debt and encourage you to make payments. If they do get in touch, you must respond promptly and discuss any problems that may be preventing you from making payments.

How can Credibble help me?

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, especially when debt collectors or bailiffs are involved. Don’t panic! The Credibble Team is here to help. We can help you to stop proceedings and reduce the cost of your debt for free.

We offer a unique debt solution service that is partnered with Equifax, a world leader in providing consumer credit report data. This means we can provide instant access to all your major debt without you having to search through paperwork. Furthermore, we have gained the support of the NatWest Accelerator Programme for business and have a multiyear relationship with the organisation. We have extensive and unique knowledge of personal finances that goes far beyond debt solutions – so you can trust that you are in safe hands.

What are Lowell Financial Ltd’s rights?

Lowell Financial Ltd has a range of rights regarding debt collection and management. As a creditor, Lowell Financial Ltd is entitled to pursue the outstanding debt from a debtor in accordance with the terms of the agreement between them. This includes having the right to send letters, make phone calls or arrange visits to collect the debt. They may also refer the debtor to a debt collection agency or take legal action if necessary.

What are my rights against Lowell Financial Ltd?

As a debtor, you have certain rights against Lowell Financial Ltd, including the right to question and dispute the amount of debt claimed and any associated fees. You also have the right to request written proof that the claimed amounts are correct. In addition, you may request a payment plan if you cannot pay off your outstanding debt in full. Lastly, you can request that Lowell Financial Ltd stops sending communication regarding your debt as long as all required payments have been made. It is important to remember that unless these requests are met by Lowell Financial Ltd, they may continue pursuing legal action against you for non-payment of debt. Therefore it’s essential to understand your rights and obligations when dealing with this type of indebtedness.

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