What should I do if Cabot Financial makes contact with me?

If you receive contact from Cabot Financial, responding promptly and professionally is essential. This may involve making payment arrangements or negotiating a settlement. It’s also important to be aware of your rights if you are contacted by this company. Ensure you understand any agreement or payment plan proposed to you.

Contacting an accredited debt advisor can be helpful if you are having difficulty negotiating with Cabot Financial. A debt advisor can help provide advice on your rights and the best options for managing your debt. They may also be able to negotiate a settlement with Cabot Financial on your behalf.

How can Credibble help me?

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, especially when debt collectors or bailiffs are involved. Don’t panic! The Credibble Team is here to help. We can help you to stop proceedings and reduce the cost of your debt for free.

We offer a unique debt solution service that is partnered with Equifax, a world leader in providing consumer credit report data. This means we can provide instant access to all your major debt without you having to search through paperwork. Furthermore, we have gained the support of the NatWest Accelerator Programme for business and have a multiyear relationship with the organisation. We have extensive and unique knowledge of personal finances that goes far beyond debt solutions – so you can trust that you are in safe hands.

What happens if I ignore contact from Cabot Financial?

Ignoring contact from Cabot Financial can have serious consequences. If you ignore their communication, they may take legal action against you and/or send your debt to a third-party collection agency. This could result in additional fees and higher interest rates on the debt. They may also report the debt to the credit bureaus, which could hurt your credit score.

Will Cabot Financial send bailiffs

Cabot Financial may take legal action against you if you cannot negotiate a payment arrangement or settlement with them. This could include sending bailiffs to your home or place of work. Bailiffs, also known as enforcement agents, have the power to seize your possessions and sell them to repay the debt that is owed. Click here to see how other people rate Cabot Financial.

Can Cabot take me to court?

Yes, Cabot Financial may take legal action against you if you cannot negotiate a payment arrangement or settlement with them. This could include taking you to court and obtaining a County Court Judgement (CCJ). A CCJ is an order issued by the court requiring the person named on it to repay the full amount of debt plus any additional costs and charges. A CCJ may harm your credit score, making it more difficult to borrow money in the future.

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